Cosmetic Procedures


Water Assisted Liposuction

Water jet assisted liposuction is another method of liposuction. As in all types of liposuction, fatty deposits are removed from beneath the skin for a more contoured look. Liposuction is optimal for people who are in good physical shape and who aren’t interested in using liposuction as a weight loss measure.

Instead of injecting the body with tumescent fluid and removing the fat cells manually with a cannula, or using laser technology to melt and dislodge the fat, water jet assisted liposuction actually uses a slightly pressurized stream of saline to dislodge fat and simultaneously remove the cells.

Instead of destroying fat cells, this type of liposuction loosens the fat cells to facilitate more gentle removal. Water Jet Assisted liposuction injects tumescent fluid (saline and medicines including a local anesthetic) into the body part being treated. Tumescent fluid is proven effective and several alternate liposuction technologies are now using the tumescent technique for its local anesthetic benefits. In the case of water jet assisted liposuction, it then uses different processes to actually remove the fat and manage fluid levels.

Advanced Cosmetic-Gynecology (Vulva Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery)

  • Labioplasty (adjustment of vaginal lips)
  • Hymenoplasty (repair of hymen)
  • Hoodoplasty (reduction of clitoral hood)
  • Vaginoplasty (vaginal size adjustment)
  • G-spot enhancement (augmentation of the G-spot to enhance sensitivity, and sexual fulfillment)

Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery – adjustment of the size of the vagina and vaginal opening (MonaLisa Touch)

Vaginal Reconstruction – (reconstruction to restore vaginal wall integrity post-episiotomy,  after vaginal laceration, etc.)

Medical Weight Loss – physician directed and managed weight loss programs.

Varicose Vein Treatment –  Varicose veins are treated with lifestyle changes and medical procedures. The goals of treatment are to relieve symptoms, prevent complications and improve appearance.

If varicose veins cause few symptoms, your doctor may simply suggest making lifestyle changes. If your symptoms are more severe, your doctor may recommend one or more medical procedures. For example, you may need a medical procedure if you have a lot of pain, blood clots, or skin disorders caused by your varicose veins.

Some people who have varicose veins choose to have procedures to improve how their veins look.

Although treatment can help existing varicose veins, it can’t keep new varicose veins from forming.

Spider Vein Treatment –  Spider veins (not to be confused with varicose veins) are dilated or stretched blood vessels that have a branching pattern and are commonly found on the thigh, lower leg and occasionally on the face. Spider veins are progressive in nature and usually increase in number and visibility with age. Sclerotherapy and laser vein treatments are used to treat these vessels, erasing them from your skin.

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